• Active Management

    We actively manage leveraged positions on a daily basis.

  • Independence

    The team is fully independent thereby avoiding potential conflict of interests and ensuring that clients receive a professional trade execution and pricing.

  • Hedging

    The advisory team offers tailor made solutions on the hedging of liquid and illiquid stock positions, commodities and currencies. Simultaneously, we provide yield enhancing strategies on all asset classes for ultra high net worth clients, endowments, foundations, and sovereign wealth funds.

  • Trading Performances

    We are able to provide past trading examples on client requests.

  • Full Coverage

    The team offers a combination of direct coverage for more trading oriented clients. In addition, we provide access to more broadly distributed research and independent trading-backed ideas.

  • Tailored Solutions

    In addition to broadly distributed ideas, the team works directly with clients to provide a range of tailored asset and liability-based solutions, depending on their respective risk profiles and return expectations.